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English Language Learning & English Language Study Travel Programmes

Xplore English language study travel programmes are run by Xplore and designed with our students in mind – we are bound to provide the right study abroad programme for you and your students.

Choose a student travel experience from a wide range of language immersion, culture exchange, high school study programmes and a range of destinations.

Academic Year & Semester Placements

Our Philosophy

Our five core values are woven into every programme we offer, meaning that all our students are all part of the same Xplore experience no matter which English language study travel programme they choose.

Social interaction

A student’s time at Xplore will be full of social opportunities and the chance to meet others from around the world. We actively encourage friendships through our huge range of team building and interactive activities. Our classes are also supportive of this value as we put the emphasis on communicative learning and student-to-student interaction.

Leadership and Communication

We don’t teach groups of students on mass; we teach individuals, together.

We treat every student uniquely and support them in any way we can. We ensure that students feel supported through their time with us and we give them the opportunities to grow into leaders themselves.

Language Development

Our language provision is designed with young learners in mind. We have our own syllabus in place for our teachers to work from, and while they will bring their own personal touch to their lessons, every student across all centres will have the same level of teaching. We aim to support, encourage, inspire and create a stimulating environment for language learners, all of which underpins our core value of language development.

Local Integration

At every opportunity, we ensure that our students are involved in their local surroundings. We ensure that excursion days are of interest and are relevant to our learners and we promote this by providing pre-excursion information, in English of course! There is also the possibility for some students to integrate with local students on and off campus.

Cultural Immersion

Whilst important language learning happens in the classroom, we also utilise our cultural outings to ensure our students are getting as much exposure to the language as possible.

Trips and excursions, along with activities and friendships are the lasting memories of a trip with Xplore, however we strive for the lasting effect of a student’s time with us, to be that of English language learning development.

Why you should work with Xplore

Specialist advice

Our 15 years experience of working in the study travel industry and locally based offices allows us to give expert booking and visa support across our range of study abroad destinations.


We pride ourselves on designing and quoting for courses that entirely meet our client’s students’ requirements; therefore our programmes have no hidden costs

Our Courses

We offer a wide variety of English language courses for Juniors and Groups, including English Plus summer camps as well as academic placements across England and the USA, and in Ireland and Germany.

Independent organisation

All courses and programmes are our own. We design, organise and deliver our wide range of programmes working with our strong network of schools, communities and strategic partners.

Quality assurance

To maintain our high standards, we are monitored by number of safety organisations and hold a number of industry-recognised accreditations that endorse our excellence in education and safety standards.

Group and Individuals

Our programmes and courses are available for both groups and individuals for junior students aged 8 to 17. Adult groups can be catered for on request.


We provide both homestay and residential accommodation options for our students across a range of short-term and long-term study abroad programmes.

Marketing support

We have our own in-house marketing department who produce all our sales and support material as well as a dedicated online partner agent zone, which our partners can access for supportive material at any time.

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