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Xplore Summer Language Camps are all-inclusive, integrated English language courses suitable for individual students and student groups aged between 8 and 17 during the spring and summer school breaks. 

These programmes focus on students improving their English through being culturally integrated in a sociable and engaging environment taking part in some challenging activities, cultural excursions and interactive English lessons.

At each of our camps, we offer mixed ability English classes taught by our own teachers using our own syllabus offering an Anglia Examination at the end of our students stay.

Anglia Examinations operates worldwide, are internationally recognised and comparable against other EFL examination bodies such as Cambridge, TOEFL and IELTS.

Agents’ opinion…

Xplore has an amazing team who work hard to provide a great service in a very friendly and efficient way. They have great instructors for all the fun activities they planned for our students.

2022 Summer Camps

Our English summer camps are all based at large residential venues, with accommodation, sports and activity facilities and dining on-site, closely located near exciting excursion destinations.

We have 5 different camps locations available for students aged 8 to 17. Each location is suited to a specific age range so that students of a similar age and English ability can meet one another, sharing their experiences and development.

Integration is at the heart of what we offer, so students of all nationalities follow the same programme, participating in the same activities, English lessons and excursions and share their experience.

If you are interested in a ‘closed’ programme during the summer for a group of students, with no integration, please contact us

Language Activity Camps

Our Language Activity Camps are just that – a combination of activities and language for 2-weeks. Activities include anything from archery, quad biking, climbing, raft building, arts and crafts and sports to off-site day trips to local cities, discos, and campfires.

As for Language, English is at the heart of our camps – all our activities are delivered in English and we encourage everybody to only communicate in English. This method is called natural acquisition, and we see a huge improvement in students’ language skills and confidence when speaking and listening. We of course underpin this language development with ESL classes too. Our ESL classes are informal, interactive and engaging, designed to be fun! At the end of the two weeks, students are able to take an Anglia Examination to gain an internationally-recognised qualification.

Special Interest Camps

Students can combine their language summer camp with their favourite sport, hobby or even something completely new! Our Special Interest camps allow students to participate in sessions dedicated to developing a sport or skill alongside their English language classes.

Additional Information

English Camps for Junior students

It’s proven that children are much more likely to excel at learning a second language from a younger age.

We also find that by opening up the opportunity to travel, experience and explore the world to younger children, we allow them to develop a wider appreciation for different cultures plus develops stronger independence and self-confidence from a younger age.

Our Summer Language Camps accept children from 8 years old, with smaller campus sizes, fun and interactive lesson structure and smaller supervision ratios for activities and excursions – we provide a safe and supportive environment where they can have fun as they learn.

Teen Summer Abroad

Travelling abroad during the school holidays can really support and develop teenagers’ social skills, confidence and of course language skills.

We know that for 14 to 17 year olds, the main focus is having an independent holiday to meet new friends and explore new cities having fun along the way – and so we have developed our camps to offer exactly that, whilst improving their English in a fun and unpressured environment.

Most of our camps offer a combined programme of structured ESL lessons, challenging activities and excursions, however,  for students who are more confident with their English language skills and are looking for an opportunity to be completely immersed, we can remove the ESL classes and add in more activities.

Why Choose Xplore?

Our integrated language activity camps are operated and delivered by our staff, teachers and Xplore-recruited host families. Our aim for our language activity camps is to help students meet like minded friends from around the world, developing their respect, understanding and appreciation for different cultures, therefore, integration is key.

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