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Xplore has been in the study travel industry since 2002. From humble beginnings still run by the same people who started it, we are now one of the last truly independent organisations remaining in the industry, something we really pride ourselves on.

Set up by Lewi and his best friend from school Ben, they have grown the business from a small local summer holiday club to an organisation with a global reach, whilst still holding on to the sense of team and family that is key to all those who work here.

Xplore stands out for their youth and freshness. These features are very appealing for our customers too. We value that procedures with Xplore are agile. Customer service has improved very much and it is now outstanding.

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At Xplore, we have woven our five core values into our philosophy, meaning that every student is part of the same experience.

  1. Social interaction
    A student’s time at Xplore will be full of social opportunities and the chance to meet others from around the world.
  2. Leadership and Communication
    We develop from within. We look at our staff as individuals and we support them in any training we can. We do the same with our students. We don’t teach groups; we teach individuals, together and we give them the opportunities to grow into leaders themselves.
  3. Language Development
    We have our own syllabus in place for our teachers to work from and we aim to create a stimulating environment for language learners to thrive in. Learn more about our TEFL strategy
  4. Local Integration
    At every opportunity, we ensure that our students are involved in their local surroundings.
  5. Cultural Immersion
    Whilst important language learning happens in the classroom, we also utilise our cultural outings to ensure as much exposure to language as possible.

These five core values ensure that both staff and students feel supported, enriched and empowered throughout their time here with us.

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