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Every junior student group is different, and so are their requirements when looking for an English language residential trip to England, therefore we design bespoke English language residential mini-stay programmes for schools and groups.

For the duration of the trip, the content of your residential programme is focused on what is important to you. We build your programme with you to include English, activities, excursions and cultural integration and ensure we meet every one of your group’s needs.

Who are English Language Residential Group Trips suitable for…

Student groups, international schools or bilingual schools looking for an English language residential trip.

In particular our mini-stay programmes can meet the requirements for:

  • Dutch Bilingual / TTO Schools (meets VMBO and HAVO/VWO curricula)
  • Italian PON C1 Schools
  • German Bilingual Schools

We can offer opportunities for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), educational tours, personal development activities, educational immersion opportunities visiting local high schools, colleges or universities.

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A real agent’s opinions…

“It’s hard to choose a programme from the vast variety of choices they offer. In my opinion, the main strength of Xplore is the flexibility with groups, adapting to our customers’ needs and requirements.”

Design your own ESL programme in England

We work with a ‘building block’ approach for our personalised Group residential Mini-stay programmes. Although we have identified the most popular elements that groups are looking for from their trip to England, however we are keen to meet any of our client’s requirements. Groups can choose one, a few or all of the + options below to create a bespoke group residential mini-stay, or if something is not mentioned that is mandatory for your group to do, please let us know so we can look into organising that for you too!

+ Integration

Integration with English students is often very important for visiting schools & groups.

We work with a trusted network of local English schools and colleges to facilitate integration between visiting international students and native English students.

This could be in the form of classroom immersion, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) or project work by visiting the school, workshops, activities with the school visiting the group on site, or a shared excursion.

+ English

We offer general English language teaching through Anglia Examinations with the option of taking an examination at the end of the mini-stay.

Our approach to students improving their English is incorporated in all aspects of the mini-stay programme. Our range of fun, innovative and interactive projects in our lessons allow students to develop their English sometimes without even noticing.

This alongside fun, challenging and social activities as well as interesting and exciting excursions helps students to practice and improve constantly.

Find out more about our method for English Language Teaching

Our TEFL Method

+ On-Site Activities

We can offer some brilliant activities for students to get involved in – whether it be during the day as a respite from classroom learning, your focus is teamwork, leadership and personal development, or some extra fun in the evening, we are sure you will want to include some of these in your bespoke programme.

Benifits of activities

  • Listening

    During activities, we need students to be actively listening to important safety instructions given by our staff.

  • Communication

    Students will often need to work together during tasks set during activities, so working together and effective communication in English is key.

  • Achieving Success

    When students are successful, this empowers them, giving them more self-belief and self-confidence in themselves – an important personal development.

  • Vocabulary

    When the environment around a student is different from that of a classroom, they are forced to stretch their skills and often vocabulary. Plus great exposure to different words.

  • Fun

    All our activities are supposed to be FUN, designed for children and teenagers, so you can be sure they are having a great time away from home!

Types of activities

We want to challenge students with our activities to support their developing self-confidence and leadership as well as listening and speaking language skills. We find that many students are much more confident in the classroom because they have taken part and had fun during the adventure activities. All our activities are undertaken and supervised by trained Xplore instructors.

+ Tours & Visits

By adding a tour or visit to your tailored Group Mini-Stay, students will be able to experience authentic England for themselves. We can offer a number of different options for getting out and about, whether it be for a morning or afternoon, a full day, a couple of days, or every day, turning your trip into a tour.

Towns & Cities

Experience a big city like London, Cambridge and Oxford or take your students to a smaller, less well-known city or town where shopping can be just as good, plus a real insight into English everyday life.

Countryside & Beaches

England is blessed with beautiful countryside, with rolling hills, fields and woodland to explore. There are also plenty of beaches to visit for that traditional British seaside experience.

Educational Focused Trips

How about visiting a museum, church, cathedral or even a famous university or college? We have organised trips and tours to all these places.

Fun & Social Entrances

The UK has some brilliant theme parks and waterparks that can be organised to visit. There are also aquariums, farm parks and zoos that entrances can be arranged for.

Factory & Business Visits

Your group may wish to learn more and visit a British factory or business. We have organised  for previous groups to visit car factories, breweries, chocolate factories.

Evenings Out & About

Exploring the local area does not always have to happen during the day. So why not have an evening out at the cinema or theatre? Or have a fun night out with bowling and dinner?


We have 3 locations for year-round group residential mini-stays in England, however we can offer hostel or hotel accommodation for groups looking for more of ‘tour’ programme, allowing the group to travel to different destinations in the UK.

All our residential venues held on large campuses suitable for group bookings, and are based in close proximity to popular cities such as London, Cambridge and Oxford.

Additional Information

Travel for group residential mini-stays is between September 2019 and June 2020 because this is typically school term time in England. If your dates are outside of these times, please contact us as we may still be able to accommodate you.

Most groups travel from between 4 to 14 nights, with 4 or 7 nights being the most popular, however we accept any length of trip, please contact our sales team with your preferred dates.

We offer 1 FREE adult place for every 10 students travelling. We ask that this Group Leader stays with the group at all times, and we will provide more information for them on arrival. Our mini-stay tours include a dedicated and trained Xplore representative to accompany the group during their tour.

Something Different?

There might be something totally different outside of these programme elements that you are looking for and no one seems to offer – that is where Xplore is different. We aim to deliver any requirement that your group has, please contact us with your request.

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