English courses inEngland

Travelling to England is a great opportunity for students to put their English into practice, perfecting the British accent whilst meeting new friends and experiencing the fascinating history, culture and traditions England has to offer.

We encourage travelling to England to improve English at any age, but for younger learners, we offer a fun and friendly introduction to the English language with our junior & teen language activity camps during the summer or a year round mini-stay, perfect for groups!

For teenagers, coming to England on a short-term language course or even a year at high school abroad, not only academically improves English but also offers them a wider appreciation and respect for other cultures and traditions.

Language School Locations

We have 6 locations in England, 4 available for summer camps and 2 for year-round mini-stays.

All our schools are close to popular towns and cities such as London, Cambridge, Manchester and Oxford. They offer excellent facilities and are set in beautiful grounds, which along with their locations guarantee to ensure a fantastic language immersion experience.

High School Placements & Immersion

Across England we offer placements at both state high schools and boarding schools for academic year placements or immersion programmes. The schools we place students at are based on the educational choices that our students request, therefore the schools that we offer change from year to year.

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