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Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic in the study travel and summer camp industry is inevitably going to be challenging and reliant on many external factors, however we are pleased to say that our 2022 is looking better than ever!

We will be back delivering school trips for Primary and Secondary Schools who have been unable to organise one for over a year. These school trips are booked at one of our term-time residential activity centres and focus on enhancing young students’ personal development, teamwork, leadership and supporting their academics. As well as UK schools booking with us, we also have a number of international schools who also book a school trip to England with us during term-time.

Term-time then gives way to the Summer holidays, in which we deliver our ever-popular Summer Camps!

Currently Recruiting – what positions are available?

Use the table below to see which positions are currently available and apply by sending your CV and covering letter to us

Summer Camp Jobs

For 6 to 8 weeks from June to August each year, our Summer Camps are open across England. We have over 1,600+ students take part in our summer camps alone each year!

Our Summer Camps, are made up of 3 “programmes” that we promote globally.

1) Language Activity Camps – aimed at international children aged 8-17

2) Day Camps – aimed at local UK children aged 8-14

3) Residential Activity Camps – aimed at UK residents aged 8 – 17

In order to provide a smooth service and camp to so many young people, we employ over 100+ seasonal summer staff from EFL teachers, Activity Instructors and Camp Leaders.

We begin to recruit seasonal summer camp staff from approximately March. Interviews will normally take place in April and May. Staff need to ensure availability for mandatory training in June. Positions start beginning of July.

Why work for Xplore?

  • Boost your CV

    You can gain practical and meaningful experience by working for a summer or three with us. That experience can help shape your CV ready for the working world. If you have a career planned in a particular field that requires experience, such as Teaching, STEM, Child Development, Sports Management or Coaching, or you want to be out gaining transferable skills for the future, we will have a summer job for you.

    Specialist Skills
    If you have skills or interest in a particular area, make sure to let us know!
  • You will be at camp all summer!

    Our job is to provide a safe, fun, exciting and inspiring atmosphere for young people. So it really is a given that our staff have a lot of fun making that happen!

    The more you put in, the more you get out of a job with Xplore. Work hard and experience the satisfaction of watching young students achieve and see them grow in confidence.

    Who could say no to spending a summer putting a smile on people’s faces and getting paid for it too!

  • Live the dream

    Our summer camps are located at either independent boarding schools or purpose built youth centres. All camps have breath-taking, picturesque surroundings and you can choose to live on-site.

    We encourage a strong sense of family from our summer staff which is in abundance from all living together for 6 weeks, these friendships last a lifetime!

  • Learn new skills, develop old ones

    Not only do we offer full training before handing over the ropes (literally), but we also offer on-going training and development to our staff who work beyond the summer season (our extended season staff).

    This training will includes ‘in-house’ courses and National Governing Body Awards, such as Fencing, Archery and Canoeing. We encourage those who might be interested in an Outdoor Adventure career to hone and develop their skills, providing job progression with Xplore.

  • FOMO

    Starting any new job can make you feel nervous or uneasy. It may be your first time away from home or your first time working with children. BUT, if you don’t go for it, you could be missing out on new friendships, skills, great memories, and a boost to your confidence!

    We promise a welcoming and supportive environment to help you to become a more confident person. So throw caution to the wind and don’t miss out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the position you are interested in applying for and follow the link. You will be taken through to our ‘Jobs Board’ on PeopleHR where you will be able to read a full job description and apply online.

There are four easy steps to our summer staff recruitment

  1. Apply Online
  2. Successful applicants will be invited to have a Skype interview with our HR Manager
  3. Job offer is made if you have proved to be an all-star applicant!
  4. Attend training prior to summer

As all these positions involve working in close proximity to children and other adults, we take every measure to ensure that all are protected from harm.

We complete a company specific Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, as well as a minimum of three references including former employer, school, college or university. We also complete a ‘List 99’ Check (a register of men and women who are barred from working with children by the DfSE). These initial checks are supported by the working practices we apply to all employees to ensure continued protection.

Yes! Our training is an essential part of the job and brings even experienced staff up to speed on how we do things.

It is also an opportunity to meet all your fellow staff members before reaching your centre. Unfortunately if you are unable to make the relevant training period then we may not be able to offer employment.

Our summer training period is the end of June to the beginning of July.

As well as the standard induction training that all employees will receive, summer staff are also provided with the opportunity to take part in ‘in-house’ courses, organised, delivered and assessed by senior Xplore staff and are offered free of charge.

If you are enrolled on a training course that involves a National Governing Body Award, then we ask you to sign a training course agreement. As part of this agreement Xplore will cover the costs of training on the proviso that you complete your contract of employment with us. If your contract is not fulfilled then you will be expected to pay for any costs incurred.

Our positions are based on either 40 or 48 hours over a six day week. Due to the nature of the work there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ 9-5 day, so a flexible approach is required.

The amount you will get paid depends on length of employment, experience and qualifications. All salary information is available alongside the job description you have decided to apply for.

We try to place staff at the centre they have a preference for but cannot always guarantee it.

Most of our summer staff choose to live on-site for reasons of convenience and necessity. In doing so it tends to create a better social atmosphere among the staff team.

Optional food and accommodation is provided for those wishing to live on-site. This comes at a subsidised rate and can be deducted from your monthly wages. It is however, perfectly acceptable to commute to work on a daily basis should you wish.

If you do choose to stay on-site, there is an expectation to uphold appropriate behaviour at all times. Even when you are not working, there will be students and important clients on-site.

As with any job in any field, there is hard work involved and we want the very highest calibre of hardworking staff staff working for us in order to deliver a quality experience for our students, parents, teachers and agents.

With that being said, our summer vacancies are certainly opportunities where the more you put in, the more you get out – whether that be job satisfaction, self-confidence, transferable skills, future employment offers or job progression with us.

It is full on, energetic work so you need to make sure this is the sort of environment that appeals.

As we have such diverse teams with staff from all over the world, there are plenty of opportunities to socialise both in and out of work. All our camps are in close proximity to a town or city, so staff can explore the area should they wish.

Due to how short the summer is (4-6 weeks, depending on the camp), we look for people that can work the whole period.

We understand there may be some events that are unavoidable, therefore we can where possible make exceptions for graduations, weddings, etc. Let us know your availability and we can decide from there.

We aim to develop and promote from within wherever possible, as previous staff have first-hand experience of the way in which we operate, our philosophy and practically what it is like to work at camp and the responsibilities involved, therefore more often than not “senior” positions such as Office Manager, Chief Instructor and Office Managers go to those who have worked for us whether that be as ‘extended season’ staff or the previous summer – we also try to encourage as many returning staff as possible!

However if you show us you have the ability to be involved from the start with more responsibility then we are not going to say no, so make sure you let us know why you are the right person for the job!


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