MyChoice USAF1 High School Placements in USA

America is one of the most popular destinations for international students to study abroad. The States offers so many diverse communities and schools that finding the perfect study abroad placement for any student is easy to do with our F-1 high school programme.

Our MyChoice USA F-1 academic high school programme is offered worldwide and allows students to attend an American public high school for up to one school year in the location of the student’s choice.

Students have the option to continue their education in the USA by either transferring to a private high school or a college or university.

2020 F1 US High School Programmes

F1 Placement with Homestay

This programme is best aimed at high school students aged 14 to 18. We are able to accept late applications.

Due to F-1 visa regulations (which is necessary for this placement), students can choose their study duration, choosing from:

  • 1 Semester (at public school), starting either August or January
  • 1 Academic Year (at public school), starting August
  • Additional study must then be continued at a private school, college or university


  • 1 Semester (at private school), starting August or January
  • 1 Academic Year (at private school), starting August
  • 2+ Academic Years (at private school)

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The advantage of an F-1 visa placement programme is that students can select the state or school that they wish to study in. All our schools are carefully screened to ensure they offer educational excellence as well as a variety of classes, including Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Students are able to study for a high school diploma providing they have the necessary documentation for eligibility, which we will be able to support on. 

We have individual profiles of our partner schools across the country that describe and highlight each community for consideration but we mainly operate in the states of Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, California and Minnesota.

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We will also find a guaranteed homestay placement, local to the school with one of our quality Xplore-selected host families. Often host siblings will attend the same school, so students are immersed into everyday family life, participating as a natural family member in all aspects of family life, from family activities on a weekend to household chores.

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School System

The USA boasts one of the most respected education systems in the world; however, because education is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, America does not have a national education system, it is in fact a matter for each state to decide upon public school policy.

Unlike public schools, private schools in the US, (also known as independent schools or non-state schools), are not administered by local, state or national government. Private schools are generally exempt from most educational regulations, but tend to follow the spirit of regulations concerning the content of courses in an attempt to provide a level of education equal to or better than that available in public schools.

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Entry into the US school system for international students is based on the number of school years they have completed in their home country as well as the students’ current age. In the US, the year or ‘grade’ that a student is placed in is based on their age before August 31st and High school consists of 4 grades beginning at 9th Grade for students who are 14 to 15 years of age.

In High School, students in their first year are called ‘Freshman’, in their second year ‘Sophomore’, in their third year ‘Junior’, and in their last and fourth year a ‘Senior’.

There are a variety of subjects at High School that vary widely across the US and students must earn a certain number of credits (which they get for a successfully completed course) in order to graduate and be awarded with a High School Diploma upon completion. This vast selection of courses and extracurricular activities on offer to students is what stands out in US schools. 

Colleges and Universities do not solely base acceptance on grades and testing, they also look closely at a students’ involvement in clubs and both academic and athletic competitions on a students’ application can decide acceptance.

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Additional Information

Visa Information

In order to apply for the F-1 visa, students must have been issued a Form I-20 from the school they plan to attend.

After students have received their Form I-20, they can schedule their visa interview. The I-20 contains the SEVIS number needed to register for the visa interview and pay the I- 901 fees. I-901 fees must be paid prior to scheduling the interview and are $200.

Please locate the closest US Embassy or US Consulate in your country for more information.


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