MyChoice UKEnglish High School Placements in England

More and more students from across the globe are requesting to attend high schools in England for long-term academic immersion and to further their education.

MyChoice UK offers international students 3 different English High School Placement programmes at various independent schools and public colleges across England with both host family accommodation and boarding options.

2021-22 English High School Programmes

Independent School with Host Family Placements


This programme is best suited to students aged 15+ and is available to both EU and non-EU students.

Programme lengths can vary, students can choose to study in the UK for:

  • 1 Term (September or January start)
  • 2 Terms (September or January start)
  • 3 Terms (September start)

This is an exciting development and “hybrid” of our study abroad placements combining our pre-brexit ‘state school’ programme and existing ‘boarding school’ programme. Bringing together the cultural and supportive benefits of host family living with the exceptional learning experience offered by prestigious independent schools.

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Subject Choices

Following the English education system, students aged 15 join classes working towards their ‘General Certificate of Secondary Education’ (GCSEs) in up to 11 subjects, which for English students are studied over two years, culminating in examinations at the end of Year 11.

For students aged 16+, their education becomes optional, with a choice between studying ‘A Levels’ in up to 5 subjects used as preparing the student for their next step either into Higher Education (back at home or continued at a UK University) or working life.

A huge benefit of choosing to study at an Independent School is the ability for students to focus in on a specific subject area, sport or interest.

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Live with an English Host Family

One of the biggest advantages of living with a host family can offer is the additional immersion and exposure to a warm, welcoming ‘home’ environment that can encourage, support as well as relax a student into their new surroundings, especially when under challenging circumstances that a study abroad placement brings.

Living away from campus allows students to separate themselves from the academic environment and directly participate in the host country’s culture and society, through daily interaction with the host family.

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Independent School with Boarding Placements

This programme is available to both EU and non-EU students aged 12+. Boarding schools are a great option for younger students looking for an overseas education.

Choosing to study at an English boarding school offers a traditional, academically focussed British style of education. Boarding schools offer highly qualified teachers and often an additional focus on extra-curricular activities such as sport, art subjects, additional languages and interest areas like debate.

Programme lengths can vary, students can choose to study for:

  • 1 Term (September or January start)
  • 2 Terms (September or January start)
  • 3 Terms (September start)

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For younger students aged 12 and 13, their curriculum will be varied at Junior or Preparatory level, however from age 13/14, students move up into Senior school, refining their subject choices for their ‘General Certificate of Secondary Education’ examinations taken at age 16 and often boarding schools will offer many additional subjects that State Schools do not.

Similarly, from age 16+ students at boarding school have the option of studying towards their ‘A Levels’ in a few focused subject areas, however the subjects can be much more unique and focused than State Schools offer.

Living on campus also brings lots of advantages to students studying abroad, not only the accessibility of the school’s facilities and activities but additionally, a great support network including other students, academic staff and non-teaching staff, creating a special environment for students to thrive in. On weekends there are often plenty of organised activities for boarding students to take part in, and we often hear of our boarding students meeting up with local day students.

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Public College with Host Family (16+)

A dedicated post-16 study abroad placement programme combining tuition at a public college and host family accommodation, available to both EU and non-EU students.

This programme offers educational options of studying towards either academic qualification ‘A Levels’, a vocational BTEC qualification in a focused subject and in some cases, an International Baccalaureate.

During the placement, live with one of our hand-selected host families boosting the cultural experience of this programme.

Programme lengths can vary, students can choose to study for:

  • 1 Term (September / January start)
  • 2 Terms (September start)
  • 3 Terms (September start)

We now offer a regional choice to students wishing to specify a destination in the UK that they wish to study in – each of these places are special for their own reasons, whether it be the schools they offer or the location.

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My time in England is amazing. The people are so nice and friendly everywhere and you can enjoy the wonderful landscape.

Your host family makes your life here as comfortable as possible and [so you] enjoy every second of it. This is what you should do with your year in England.

Regional Choice for English Study Abroad Placements

All our UK public colleges offer varied academic subject options and extracurricular activities, however for students who have a preference on the location they wish to spend their academic placement, we offer a regional choice.

This regional choice allows students to choose the area in which they would like to study, we will then work to receive a placement at a public college in this area. Students can choose a region from 4 different areas all offering excellent, but different opportunities.

Please note, regional choice is only for Public College with Host family programme. Students opting for our Independent School programmes are able to select the school they wish to study at from our selection, please contact us for more our MyChoice UK sales toolkit.

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School System in England

England is well known for its historic schooling system, and there is an evolving landscape of schools across the country. No matter the type of school in England, the academic year runs from September to June, and a students ‘grade’ or ‘year’ is determined by their age before September 1st.

After completing ‘primary’ or ‘pre-preparatory’ education (Key Stages 1 and 2) at age 11, students continue compulsory ‘secondary’ education taking students through Key Stages 3 and 4 or ‘Junior School’ into ‘Senior School’ in boarding schools, with Key Stage 4 (ages 14 to 16) concentrating on GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations.

Key Stage 5 is post-16 education and can be either academic or vocational. Both these can be studied by attending continuous ‘schooling’ at a ‘sixth form’ or ‘college’. Academic post-16 qualifications tend to be in the form of ‘GCE A Levels which are similar to a high school diploma in other countries, or vocational qualifications can include Level 3 BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) or International Baccalaureate (IB).

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GCSE’s – General Certificate of Secondary Education

GCSE subjects are studied for two years (Years 10 and 11), culminating in examinations at the end of Year 11.
At 14 years old, students can choose which subjects they would like to study for their GCSE qualifications. Typically, a GCSE student will be studying approximately 9 to 11 subjects with English language, English literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology being compulsory (sometimes science is taught as 3 separate subjects, sometimes all 3 are combined into a double award). The remaining subjects are the students’ choice to make, choosing at least 1 from each category (modern languages, humanities, arts, technology) and physical education is required by all students but optional as a qualification.

Available subjects will vary depending on the school.

GCE A Levels

If a student is 16 when they enter the UK for education they will go into Sixth Form or College. This is where they study towards their AS-Levels and/or A-Levels. AS Levels are the first year of A Levels and equate to half the qualification, the second year completes the A Level qualification as a whole.

Students select between 3 and 5 subjects to study allowing more time to focus on those areas. The subjects available may well be the same, as they studied at GCSE level but in further depth and detail.

Business and Technology Education Council – BTEC Diplomas

BTEC diplomas are designed to give students further knowledge within a particular sector or industry and therefore are more focused on the future workplace that the student may be interested in. The course content is a mixture of practical learning and theory and are available in a range of sectors including childcare, travel and tourism, hospitality, business, engineering to name a few. BTECs can also be taken in combination with other post-16 qualifications and are equivalent to A levels.

International Baccalaureate – IB

Not just available in England, this globally recognised qualification is available world-wide. It is a challenging programme that combines skills-driven components with academic subjects that aims to prepare students for university and their careers beyond education.
Subject choices can include languages, social sciences, experimental sciences, mathematics and the arts. Course content involves research-based essay writing, displaying theory, critical and creative thinking as well as demonstrating personal and interpersonal development.

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Additional Information

Visa Information – FROM 1ST JANUARY 2021

All Placements

Both EU and non-EU students require a ‘Child Student’ Visa (age 12-17) or ‘Student’ Visa (age 18) to be able to study in the UK, these replace the Tier 4 (Child) study visas.

International students are only allowed to study in England on the basis that they attend an  independent school or publicly funded college who are registered as a student sponsor. All our schools and colleges are listed on the Register of Licensed Sponsors. Once a school or colleges’ individual requirements have been met, students will receive a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) letter to support their own visa application.

More information on Child Student and Student Visas and guidance on completing the application from the UK Government.

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